Various Artists - Svensk Noise

from Forever United

"There's something in the air and I would like to trace it back to the third Röset festival, a noise weekend taking place far out in the Swedish countryside in May every year. The old, tired cliché of how everyone went home and started a band could actually be kind of true here, wouldn't it be just that every fucker in this tiny community already has 10 projects. Still, generations met, new alliances were born and I'm damn sure that at least a few contact microphones got clumsily plugged into a distortion pedal for the first time in the coming weeks. Summer came with a blossoming spirit. If it wasn't about getting nasty at Fregatten or having fried shrimps and cheap shots at Markurells, it was cruising around at the Vetlanda city square or trying to get Sewer Election on the Spotify playlist at Sorento while drinking pink ciders. Through endless drunken nights debating the true sound of love, the harsh noise summer of 2015 spawned a monster. Semi-curated by the wankers of Heinz Hopf, Svensk Noise is the direct result of these months. Some oldies but goldies, maybe a sweaty and unprotected one-night stand or two, but most importantly a handful of debutantes totally crushing it for the very first time! Friendly Face, Quack Quack, Milos, Skinhead Girl, Sewer Election, VMS Elit, Arv & Miljö, Heinz Hopf, Peoples Person, High On Life, Capers, Spandex Haircut, Backasvinet, Kaukaserna Från Kortedala, Olympus. 15 tracks, 73 minutes. No beats, no melodies, no flowers - just noise."

- M. Andersson, October 2015

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